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Ariana Mann


90’s fashion has been in style for quite some time now from chokers to dark matte lipstick. I added some twists and came up with a list of some trends surrounding this outfit. I haven’t been this excited about an outfit in a long time! I love the 90’s.

1. Mirrored Lensed Sunglasses: I think Raybans are probably the most popular brand with their aviators, but Dior really pushed the trend with their “So Real” sunglasses. My personal favorite sunglass brand is currently Quay Australia. I’m wearing the Quay X Chrisspy Gemini sunnies.

2. Choker: Back in the 90’s they had these basic chokers that you could buy for 50 cents at the swap meet. Now they’re a little bit classier with lace and detail. Here’s a simple but cute one from Vanessa Mooney at Nordstroms.


3. Fur Sandals: I found these great Kami Leu Marabou feather clip on’s that fit on any shoe. They come in all colors like Onyx, White, Blush, Oxblood and Olive. I love how you can change up and add some style to any outfit with just a simple clip on.


4. Black Sheer Floral Dress: I love the Flower Power Maxi Dress by Miss Sunday Morning. You can go braless to show off the open back since we’re not trying to go for the fake boobs/push up bra look that was trending in the 2000’s. Get 15% off with code “XoArisgold”.

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