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Ariana Mann

For Christmas weekend, I headed up to Northern California to take my grandma to dinner and also squeezed in some time for fun. I had this outfit planned but couldn’t even wear it out since it was so cold out! I did however get some photos to share with all of you. Can I just say, living in Los Angeles, I never had to buy clothing based on warmth, it’s always been about style. So to all of you that live anywhere where it gets cold, I applaud you! You manage to not only have style but also wear clothing with a purpose.

A simple crop top pairs will with a plaid skirt and thigh high boots. I love how this cropped T ties in the front adding a little bit of dimension. I love blue plaid almost as much as the classic red and it goes so well with these grey thigh high boots of mine. I pulled it all together with some fish net tights to give a tiny bit of coverage for warmth.

This skirt can also go with a simple turtleneck, opaque tights and some boots. When I went ice skating a couple days later, I wore thick tights under the skirt and stayed warm while looking cute. ? I did have to stop into an H&M for some black leather gloves and a faux fur scarf once the sun started to set but I managed not to get too cold!

I’m heading on a vacation to Thailand, Bali and Tokyo in a couple days. I can’t wait for the warm weather!!

Tie Me Up Crop Top Tee – $14

Tobi – No Longer Sold

Gorgeous Boots by Steve Madden – $149.95

Kushyfoot Fishnet Tights – $22.47

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