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Ariana Mann

Most people gain or lose weight throughout the years. One major factor that can change your look on a scale of 1-10 from a 1 to a 10 is the fit of your clothing. This past weekend, I went to Laguna Beach to sight see and shop. During my time there, I saw a woman, probably in her early 20’s wearing a pair of shorts that looked like they were being swallowed by her body. Now let me make this clear, I am absolutely not here to judge, and I’m sure this woman had no idea how she appeared. She had probably gained some weight since she purchased the shorts, knew they felt a bit tight, but didn’t realize how they made her entire outfit and appearance look.

I’ve been guilty of gaining some weight and wearing the same clothes. I’ve worn jeans that barely button and just wore a longer shirt to hide the muffin top. Sizing is extremely import. I’m also guilty of putting too much value on a size. Let me tell you, when shopping at H&M, I would not buy anything over a size 8 (I’m probably a 4/6 currently) because I just couldn’t accept that I was a size 10. To be honest, who cares about the size when what matters is the fit? Well I did and it was pretty ridiculous.

Did you know american companies skew their sizes so bigger girls fit into a small? I know I’m guilty of feeling better when I fit into a 2 rather than a 6. When I went shopping in Tokyo last year I felt huge because there sizing is different than in America.

I’m making an effort to get rid of the value placed on a size and just purchase the size that fits. The sweater dress I’m wearing is in a large. I wanted to go for an slightly oversized feel and I loved the way the dress fit. I loved how the dress looked with thigh high socks and boots and I sure was warm! If you want something longer, go up a size. This doesn’t make you any bigger or more unattractive. Just wear what fits!

Lets make an effort to give sizing less value and place more value on how something fits. The next time you go shopping, grab two sizes. I typically do this when shopping at a new store, but it can’t hurt to be sure you’re wearing the same size at your usual retailer. Who knows, you might come to the realization that a smaller size fits better. They say tailoring can make or break your outfit and I couldn’t agree more. If something is ill fitting, no matter how beautiful the woman or how beautiful the outfit, the outcome will be dreadful.

Pairing a sweater dress, thigh high socks and flat boots is a killer combo. It’s so comfortable, you’re nice and warm and it’s a lot more trendier than a sweatsuit and uggs. Just sayin’ :)

Cozy Sweater Dress – $38 

Thigh High Cable Knit Socks – $17


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