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Ariana Mann

I’ve always been a fan of thigh high boots. I like the warmth they create when the temperature dips and how they hit the thinnest part of the thigh and elongates the leg. I prefer them over a below the knee length. I purchased mine last year and I love how comfortable they are. I actually own four pairs of thigh highs! They instantly take an outfit up a notch. Here are some options if you are in search of a new pair!

Things to Think About When Shopping for Thigh High Boots

  • Comfort: The most important thing when making a shoe purchase is comfort. If you buy a pair that are too big, too small, pinch, etc. you will not wear them! With thigh highs, make sure they are all in all a good fit from the bottom to top. There’s is nothing great about a fabulous pair of boots that are just going to sit in the closet.
  • Style: Know what style suits you best. Do you like a slouchier fit? Do you want them skin tight? Do you want a zipper or lace up?
  • Color: Make sure to go with a color that goes with the clothes already in your closet. If you find a wonderful pair of brown boots but all your clothes go with black, it’s probably not a good investment.
  • Heel: You know what heel you’re most comfortable with. If you love strutting around in stilettos, then that is a viable option. If you aren’t too fond of a stiletto heel, opt for a chunkier heel.

If you’re wondering where the dress is from, its from MissSundayMorning.com! This is one of my favorite pieces to layer this fall. It comes in this great dark grey which is slimming and has this cute tie waist build into the dress. Pair it with a moto jacket like I have or a flannel.

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