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Ariana Mann

I think most people would say I’m social and don’t find me too awkward, but hey, you never know! I do however find trying new things gives me a tiny bit of anxiety. Random things like meeting a friend out at a bar by myself. What if I can’t find them? Will I be walking around aimlessly? Do I just go and order a drink? Or here’s a new one I’ve just encountered; trying out a new gym or fitness class. Where do I park? What is it like? What type of people are also taking the class? Is it hard? These feelings wouldn’t stop me from going, but it does show me that trying anything new isn’t comfortable.

I hope I’m not the only one who has these type of thoughts!

Of course the tiny bit of anxiety doesn’t stop me from doing these things. After my trip to Bali, I’ve really tried to push these boundaries, go to places I’ve never been, meet new people and try new things. How has it made me feel? Incredible. How many passions do you have that you never even tap into? It can be intimidating to try something new without your significant other or best friend by your side, but the small amount of anxiety of starting something new will be overpowered with the joy you feel once you start doing something you love.

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I know what I want so why try something different?” or “I already found what I like so what’s the point in looking for something else?”  These thoughts stunt your growth. How would you know if you’d like something else if you’ve never tried it? Of course you may try something different and not like it (this is me when I try any new restaurant; it’s always overpriced and not as good as my staple restaurants) but it’s important to add variety into your life. Maybe you try yoga and don’t find it spiritually awakening or you try a salsa class and you realized you don’t have the coordination it takes. But what if you try running and you realize it’s something that empowers you and pushes you to a place you’ve never been? What if you accept the invitation to brunch with a new group of girls and you find a life long friend? What if you decide to travel and stay at an Air bnb instead of a five star resort and it changes your life?

Time will pass whether you like it or not. It’s up to you to figure out what you’re going to do with it.

It’s up to you whether you spend every day after work at home watching Netflix or finally saying yes to the co-worker who’s invited you to a networking mixer. It’s up to you whether you continuously eat out when you’ve been telling yourself you want to start cooking for years now. Change is difficult. Trying new things is uncomfortable, but the first step is the hardest.

Let’s find a balance between comfort and growth. Let’s continue to nourish the areas of our life that we know we love and enjoy while continuing to challenge ourselves with new experiences. Break out of that bubble!

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