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Ariana Mann


Romper: A one piece garment that combines a top or blouse with shorts.

Rompers are a great alternative to the sundress. Here’s why:

  1. Rompers are the most convenient when you’re attending a concert, picnic, or other event where you’ll be sitting on the ground. Nothing beats being able to sit comfortably and not worry about flashing anyone!
  2. A loose fitting romper is ultra comfortable. You can jump up and down, do spins, basically any type of movement is doable. 
  3. Rompers can be sexy! Just because you have a loose fitting style, doesn’t mean you can’t feel and look sexy. 
  4. They’re effortless! Especially when traveling, you can throw one item in your bag and not worry about what it matches with because it’s one piece. 
  5. Rompers are versatile. You can dress them up with some wedges or heels or pair them with flat sandals or sneakers. Versatility is so important when you want to get the most out of one outfit. 

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