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Ariana Mann

Daytime dates are great. Instead of doing a dinner and movie, you can go to a museum, an art exhibit or a brunch. But what do you wear?

Here are some tips to getting ready for a daytime date:




Don’t overdo it, especially with your makeup. Sunlight isn’t very forgiving and cakey makeup will stand out and overshadow your natural beauty. Make sure to check your makeup in natural light before you head out. Also, anything white, light or sheer, make sure to double check your undies aren’t showing!


When in doubt, wear your go-to outfit. What you feel most comfortable in. Your favorite jeans, your favorite shirt, your favorite shoes or your favorite sun dress. You can never go wrong when you feel your most confident.



Aim for something chic, comfortable but fun. I would steer clear of anything too tight or too short but always dress accordingly to where you’re going. For example, if you’re day drinking, you can easily wear some denim shorts, a flannel and chuck taylors. For an art exhibit, you may want to dress a little more refined.



I chose to wear a two piece set from Tobi since it fit all of those criterias and since I wanted to go for a slightly more dressed up look. I loved how it showed just enough skin but was also classy with the high waist and cropped top. I paired it with some casual pumps that were comfortable enough to walk in with a mid sized heel.


Always remember to wear a smile, have fun and live in the moment!


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